How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Thoroughly

Cleaning makeup brushes! Oh the joys of cleaning my ever lasting supply each Sunday afternoon. One of those endless tasks that must be endured. The importance of cleaning my brushes is critical to my skin’s condition. I have very very sensitive skin especially on my neck and face this is due to my dry skin condition Eczema. When using makeup brushes, each time a brush touches your face the bristles picks up bacteria, oil and dirt and then when you use it next the bacteria would have multiplied and is then going straight back onto your face, this turns into a nasty cycle of aggravating your skin. Therefore if you don’t regularly wash you brushes it is likely you will break out in spots. When I have been too lazy on the Sunday to wash my brushes I have certainly regretted this the week after due to my skins poor condition. On the market at the moment there are sprays which both sanitise your makeup (pressed powders, eyeshadows e.t.c) and your brushes after each use. I have tried a few of these and I have not had good experiences with them due to their oily build up on the products and brush bristles after they’ve dried. Next week I will be trialling some popular ones on the market and reviewing my progress with them so look out for that if your interested. Now onto my step by step routine on how I thoroughly clean my makeup brushes.

What you will need to clean your makeup brushes:

Brush Cleansing Palette: Real Techniques @ Boots 

Makeup Brush Cleanser: MAC

Beauty Cream Wash: Dove @ Boots

Makeup Brush Cleaning Method

Step One:

Rinse brushes under luke warm water to shed any residue on the brush bristles. Ensure that only the bristles are rinsed under the water, otherwise the glue inside the handle holding the bristles in place will fall out and shed, shortening the lifespan of your brushes.

Step Two:

Take your makeup brush cleansing palette- mine is roughly the size of my hand with 3 different textures for different sized brushes. My palette is made by the brand Real Techniques, I really like this one as it is easily portable and has a handy strap making it easy to hold for my little hands!

Take the palette and add a splash of Mac brush cleanser onto the middle of the palette. This cleanser is vital as it helps to loosen and shift any deep rooted dirt and product- it is a valuable addition to any makeup lovers beauty kit.

Step Three:

Start by swirling the brush on the associated texture- for example the bigger the brush the bigger the texture needed to get to the root of the bristles and remove the dirt and oil lodged in the bristles. Swirl the brush through each texture back and forth, rinsing the palette and bristles with a little water as you go.

Step Four:

    Pump a coin sized amount of the Dove beauty cream wash onto the associated texture again. This beauty cream wash lathers very easily so you don’t need much of it, which is great for the bank balance. The cream is also anti-bacterial ensuring your brushes are free of any nastiness and it also makes the brushes feel exceptionally soft- added bonus.

Step Five:

    This step is similar too step two but because the dove beauty cream lathers easily you don’t need to push down as hard when swirling the brush on the textures as it will become thoroughly saturated more easily. TIP: The palette will need to be rinsed more often than in step two to ensure any final product is removed from the brushes and is not being swirled back onto the bristles.

Step Six:

  Do a final thorough rinse of the makeup brush bristles, holding the bristles underneath a running luke warm tap squeezing the bristles from the roots to the head removing any final product residue until the water runs clear. Visually it is usually pretty clear whether the brushes are clean or not. Repeat steps five and six if necessary.

Step Seven:

  Finally squeeze any remaining water out of the clean brush and leave to dry on a piece of kitchen towel in a dry area. It is important that you leave them to dry flat to ensure that no water seeps into the brush handle loosening the brush bristles from the glue. Repeat with all remaining brushes (I promise after you get into a routine it goes a lot quicker, I just tell myself to put some music on and get on with it)

 TIP: Sometimes when the brushes are dry they can be a little misshapen, all you need to do is buff them a little on the palm of your hand and they will go back to their usual shape.

Thank you for reading my “How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Thoroughly” post. I hope that it helps you on your journey to perfectly soft and fabulously clean makeup brushes. If you follow this formula or have any tips for me please do get in contact and let me know in the comments below.

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She Wore….Rouge Louboutin Lipstick

Recently I have finally laid my hands on one of Christian Louboutin’s famous Lipsticks. I have been lusting after these lipsticks since their launch in 2015. They are constantly being posted on Instagram (as they are so crazy beautiful) therefore no self respecting beauty blogger would be without one. When it came around to my 21st birthday I decided to allow myself to splash out on one of these fabulous lipsticks. Dont get me wrong I would have loved to have put my money towards a pair of their Signature “So Kate” black patent pumps with their red-lacquered soles (in a size UK 5 if your listening Mr. Louboutin) but my bank balance unfortunately would not allow.


Buying this lipstick allowed myself and I’m sure many others to step into Christian Louboutin’s world and have a piece of luxury, with mine placed exclusively centre stage on my dressing table. I chose to purchase the classic Louboutin Rouge lipstick in the texture Velvet Matte, as I prefer the look it gives compared to  the lipsticks with a satin or shine texture. When I bought this lipstick I was under no illusion that just because it was an expensive item it wouldn’t truly be any better than my own classic Russian Red lipstick by MAC Cosmetics. Boy was I wrong.

Lipstick Performance

This lipstick is so pigmented it is insane, the red hue is so intensily rich and beautiful it will make any outfit you choose well and truly pop. I have been a slave to MAC Cosmetics but admittingly their matte lipsticks do dry my lips out (the winter weather doesn’t help I’m sure) but this Louboutin lipstick truly moistures my lips! I was shocked that after using it a few times my lips were no worse for wear! After some research online I found that its moisturising properties are due to the complex mix of natural oils and seed butters. This lip colour lasted well on my lips, re applying roughly every 3 hours (I’m aware I do re-apply ALOT- makeup addict over here) and feathering was minimal if non existent although I did use a lip liner which would have helped any lipstick going astray.


Not only is the lipstick product itself absolutely fabulous it’s packaging echo’s this due to its elegant polished black stiletto body. Louboutin has stated that the packaging is inspired by middle eastern antiquities and the Art Deco movement whilst the solid metal body is reminiscent of a precious vial. The turret-like crown cap is topped with a small ring threaded with a silk ribbon, turning the lip colour into a necklace/ charm on queue (Il probably keep it sitting pretty in my acrylic makeup organiser). I personally adore all the packaging, I think that it is almost too ornate to touch!


Over all for me this lipstick is now my favourite red (ROUGE) of all time. Not only is it as beautiful as I could of ever dreamed, it has better performance than any other brand I have previously tried. I am so glad I splashed out on this product, truly worth every penny! Although it’s now going to be very difficult to go back to my usual Russian Red when I eventually run out. Whenever my bank balance allows it I will be repurchasing this colour and hopefully a few more. This product is truly worth the hype so if you can budget for this luxury product make sure you do, you really won’t regret it.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Velvet Matte :

Online: Christian Louboutin

In Store: Selfridges

RRP: £65


Thank you for reading my Louboutin Lipstick Review, I hope you enjoyed it.

Have you tried the Louboutin Lip Colours? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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The DIY Bride : Engagement Mugs


Today is My First DIY Bride Post: Engagement Mugs Yayyy! Since getting engaged to the love of my life earlier this year I haven’t done nearly enough Wedding research to be anywhere close to getting married. So I decided that alongside my university course and work I would get creative and create posts on my upmost passions. One of these being my love of fashion and the other being the dream of the perfect wedding. In hopes that it would prepare me for both my launch into the fashion industry and being able to actually plan a wedding!!! (without going absoultley crazy).

I love Pinterest, it is truly one of my favourite creative outlets, sat at home after a long day at university with a cup of tea pinning away all these fabulous fashion looks and creative crafts. ( You can see my Pinterest feed to the right of this post, feel free to give it a follow if you like what you see!) Pinterest is where I got the idea for this post, there are so many beautiful engagement gift ideas on there. I found an image of a mug with the quote ” This Just Got Real” with a big diamond ring plastered on the side of it. These Engagement Mugs have been very popular with couples announcing their special news on social media. I clicked the image and it took me to lots of sellers on ETSY charging £30+ not including postage and NOT handmade ( the quote is digitally printed on). I reaaaaaaaly wanted one of these mugs as they looked so pretty and I felt it would make me part of the engaged ladies club. But I couldn’t allow myself to spend that amount of money on one mug. Soooo I got the creative juices flowing and the music blaring and decided to have a go at making a few myself. With hopefully one turning out nice enough to send as a present to my newly engaged friend.


I wondered down to my local Hobbycraft after doing some immediate research on products that people had used previously with successful results. Luckily for me there was also an ASDA near by for me to get the remainder of the Supplies I needed.

Supplies Needed for the exact mug above:

Inexpensive Porcelain Mugs: ASDA

Cotton buds: ASDA

Porcelain Paint Schwartz Black 703: Hobbycraft

Humbrol Flat brushes 6: Hobbycraft

Champagne Gold Deco Art Dazzling Metallics Ceramic Paint: Hobbycraft

Engagement Mugs Method

Step One:

Remove any stickers/price tickets (these will burn when placed in the oven) and clean mug with water ONLY and dry thoroughly.

Step Two:

Sketch out proposed design on a piece of paper to practice the technique of writing/ calligraphy you want to paint onto your mug.

Step Three:

Draw a rough outline of the design onto the mug using a lead pencil- ensuring you can see all letters and words from a face on view of the mug. .

NOTE: I tend to go freestyle with the designs and rarely sketch onto the mug beforehand which I’m sure you can tell by some of the spacing on the words and letters. It depends on your confidence level of using paint, how steady your hand is and how perfect you want the design to be. Ultimately whether you want the “hand crafted” look or the “professionally finished” look.

Step Four:

Start at the top of the mug and work left to right painting your design as you go, this is especially helpful in my first design as each row of words are a different colour.


Step Five:

As you go erase mistakes using only a cotton bud and water. Make sure that the mug is left clean with no smudges or marks as these can not be removed after the baking process. When your happy with the final product leave to dry for at least 24 hours.


The Porcelain black paint instructions states that it is safe to use after 24 hours, you don’t need to bake the mug and it is also safe to use in the dishwasher. But due to using a different kind of paint for the gold words ( due to metallic paint not being sold by the same brand) the Engagement Mugs will still need to be baked and hand washed ONLY to preserve the design.


Cover a baking tray in foil and place the Mug on the middle of the tray in a COLD oven. Turn the oven to 220* degrees and set a timer for 1 hour. Once the hour is up turn the oven off and LEAVE the mug inside the oven until COMPLETELY COOL. We are taking this approach of warming gently and cooling slowly to avoid the design cracking. I baked mine in the evening so I could leave the mug in the oven overnight ensuring the design doesn’t get damaged as after baking the paint is still really tacky until its completly cooled down.

YAYYYYY you’ve completed an Engagement Mug. Easy right?

F.Y.I Sometimes coloured paints do get darker when baked so make sure you take this into consideration when choosing your colours for your own DIY Engagement Mugs.

paint-brush-mug engagement-ring-mug

After I completed the first design I did a few others just to see what they looked like. If you want to try the designs below just follow the steps above. The different paints I used are linked here:  Gold Paint Pen, White Paint Pen and Pink Paint Pen. When ONLY using these paint pens its best to heat the oven to 160 degrees when baking/curing and after curing  you can can put them in the dishwasher- only to 40 degrees. Personally I found the paint easier to use than the pens as they didn’t flow as easily as a paintbrush does but over all still good to use when in need of a quick engagement gift.

Now remember you can always glam up these mugs by adding a big bow on the handle and a mini bottle of champagne to create a quick and easy engagement gift. I am going to be creating a DIY Bride: Engagement Gift Basket post very soon, let me know if there is anything you would want included!

wifey1 feyonce

Thank you so much for reading my DIY Bride Engagement Mug Post, I hope that you enjoyed it!

Please let me know in the comments below if you create this DIY project and how well it worked for you!

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